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Stellar College Basketball is a totally free (not just a free trial, totally free) text-based computer basketball simulation game.  It is based on
detailed statistical analyses of the effect of different offenses and defenses and the performance of actual players and their teams.  Teams
and players are given ratings from one to ten in various categories such as playing time, inside and outside shooting, ballhandling,
rebounding, defense, free-throw shooting, and the propensity to commit and draw fouls, all based on their actual performance.  All ratings are
completely objectively determined based on available team and player statistics.   The game includes 78 teams for the 2015 season.  
Add-ons with the tournament teams and more from 2006-2014 and over 150 of the greatest teams of all time are also available.

Each team has a ten man roster.  Players get tired if they play substantially more minutes than they do in real life.  When they get tired, their
performance deteriorates and their diminished player ratings are displayed in red.  Managing substitutions is an important key to coaching


Inside Offense.  If you run the inside offense, your team will shoot from the paint 25 percent of the time more than normal.  Your shooting
percentage will improve and you'll draw more fouls.

Outside Offense.  If you run the outside offense, your team will shoot from outside the paint 25 percent more of the time than normal.  If your
team shoots well, this offense can be deadly against a zone.

Balanced Offense.  The basic college offense.  Running this offense should cause most teams to perform as they do in real life.

Fast Break Offense.  Depending on your team's ball handling and passing skills, the ball handling, passing and defense of your opponent and
the game situation, this offense can lead to quick and easy points or can increase offensive fouls and turnovers and decrease shooting

Long Range Offense.  If it is late in the game and you need a quick three pointer or two, this is the offense for you.  Shooting percentage goes
down, but virtually every shot is a three.

Go-to-Guy.  During the last two minutes of each half, you have the ability to put the ball in the hands of a "go-to-guy".  This greatly increases
the probability the player you designate will get the ball.


Overall.  Defensive ratings are based on a "team defense" concept.  If your team held opponents to a low shooting percentage, everyone on
your team will have a high defensive rating.  However, ratings of individual players on a team may very up or down from the team rating by
20% based on how many steals and blocks they had versus the average for their position.

Man-to-Man Defense.  The man-to-man defense puts more pressure on the ball and results in more turnovers and steals.  It is a little more
effective than a zone at stopping the outside shot, but less effective inside.  In addition to a regular man-to-man defense, you can play a loose
man-to-man defense if you are in foul trouble or a man press if the other team has poor ballhandlers and you need to force some turnovers.

Zone Defense.  The zone defense is more effective against the inside shot than the man-to-man, but a little less effective against the outside
shot.  It results in less pressure on the ball.  That means fewer turnovers and steals, but also fewer fouls.  The zone defense also results in
opponents getting fewer offensive rebounds than a man-to-man.  As with the man-to-man, you can play a regular zone, a loose zone to avoid
fouls or a zone press to force turnovers.

Intentional Foul.  You have the ability to intentionally foul if you are behind late in the game.  Hopefully the other team can't make their free

Double Team.  If an opposing team's star player is scoring points in bunches, you have the ability to call for a double team.  However, the
double team will leave other players open.  The effect of the double team (good and bad) increases during the last few minutes of each half
when your team really "clamps down" on the opposing star.

Team Creator:  The game includes a team creator utility that enables the player to add any team from 1987 to the present.

Season Play:  The game enables players to play a totally customizable season for any team and save after each contest.

Options:  The game allows players to turn off the shot clock and three-pointer.